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We will be adding more tablature arrangements regularly... please visit again.


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For the first time, we are dedicating 1-3-5 arrangements to New Year's Eve, as a "Farewell to 2012". Appropriately, we have selected two very old tunes, The Parting Glass and Auld Lang Syne.

The Parting Glass
(ca. 1605)


line drawing used by permission

Traditional Irish, Scottish & Newfoundland
Arr: Ruth Randle /Merv Rowley, 2012

We are fortunate in finding extensive historical background for both selections, as listed in our Historical Links below. These links have provided important dates and details about the origins of both music selections. The biography of Robert Burns is especially interesting to those interested in the facts of his remarkable lifetime of only 37 years. 

The Parting Glass, now more than 400 years old, has become quite well known in Irish pubs as a "toast of farewell", as it has also in Scotland and Newfoundland. It exists in two forms, ordinary 4/4 tempo, as shown here, and in a "double tempo" with frequent changes between 4/4/ and 3/4. Those who are not singers may simply recite the verses if desired. 

Auld Lang Syne

Music & Lyrics: Robert Burns
Arr:Ruth Randle/Merv Rowley, 2012

Robert Burns, Scotland's most noteworthy poet and composer, 1759 - 1796 , wrote 368 songs during his career, all of Scottish traditional music. For most of his compositions he used earlier traditional tunes, seldom his own compositions. For those interested in the life of the composer, you will find an 11-page biography in a link below. 

Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all!

Your 1-3-5 Team


Download files: 

Parting Glass.mid

Parting Glass.pdf

Parting Glass.tef


Auld Lang Syne.mid
Auld Lang Syne.pdf

Auld Lang Syne.tef

Historical Links:

Auld Lang Syne - a Burns biography

The Parting Glass





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