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Archived Fascination mountain dulcimer tablature arrangement in the 1-3-5 tuning www.mountaindulcimer-1-3-5.com




(from Valse Tzigane – 1904)
Composer: F.D. Marchetti

Arranged by: Merv Rowley

 FascinationMountainDulcimr3.jpg (76452 bytes)

            To many, this month’s selection is one of the most beautiful waltzes ever written, yet it was nearly doomed to obscurity. The composer was a classical Italian musician who taught students and composed operas during his lifetime (1831–1902). His greatest misfortune was to be a contemporary of Giuseppe Verdi, whose works totally overshadowed those of all other Italian operatic composers of the day. Among  Marchetti’s opera scores was a waltz, written as a piano arrangement and entitled Valse Tzigane, or “Gypsy Waltz”.


            Some thirty years after the composer’s death, this piece of music was re-discovered and set to lyrics as a love song called Fascination. It is still loved, and remembered by the world to this day, by that name.  This selection was arranged from the original version of Valse Tzigane.





            Notice that an important feature of this composition is a series of four eighth notes appearing repeatedly throughout the arrangement. This provides a special syncopation to the usual waltz tempo. Slides could not be used because the span of the four eighth notes, plus the following note, is more than a full octave. The “stacking” of notes provided by the 1-3-5 tuning simplifies this problem. By  selecting a key signature of G, with a D-F#-A tuning, we can play most of these runs of eighth notes as arpeggiated “barre” chords.


            This melody line takes us clear up to fret 13 on the bass string (a high C) for one excursion only (measure 26), then quickly back to open strings (measure 29) before a leisurely finish. The harmony of this melody is embellished by repeated use of color chords like GM7, F#, C (b5) and F#dim.  Listen to the MIDI file for this arrangement and try to duplicate the tempo. It really isn’t as difficult to play as you might think, once you learn your way around the fretboard.














  Click to go to the TablEdit website and download their free demo version

If you do not have the Tabledit program, please click on the TablEdit banner to download a free .tef reader program.  It includes the ability to play this song at a slower speed (great for learning). TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for fretted, stringed instruments.

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At this time we will be using the .MIDI music files produced by TablEdit..




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