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For Me and My Gal

Words: E. Leslie, E. R. Goetz
Music: George W. Meyer
Arr: Merv Rowley & Ruth Randle, 2013

George Meyer began his career as a business accountant in New York City, where he became interested in the musical output of Tin Pan Alley. Seeking better income, he first taught himself how to play the piano, and then studied music arranging.  He began in 1912, with little success, but later improved with If You Were the Only Girl in the World, and a few others.  Finally, in 1917 during WWI, a period of fading Ragtime music and slapstick Vaudeville comedy,  he paired up with lyricists Leslie and Goetz to write For Me and My Gal, a tune with bouncy rhythm and tender lyrics about plans for a wedding. The music was an instant hit, with acclaims by rivals and friends alike.  

You will enjoy the simple, yet bouncy and rhythmic chord harmony of this tune, an early example of a new style, in America's new trend in harmonious music. Play it with a little "swing" rhythm, as you hear it in the MIDI file.

In 1942, a new movie was written based upon a true life experience of two young dancers seeking employment at the New York Palace Theater back in 1917. For the lead roles, Judy Garland and Gene Kelly were hired, with this 59-year old tune as theme and title. Details appear in the link below.

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Download files: 

For Me and My Gal.pdf

For Me and My Gal.tef

For Me and My Gal.mid

Historical Links:

The movie - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_Me_and_My_Gal_(film)


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