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If You Were the Only Girl




Music: Cliff Grey

Lyrics: Ned Ayer

Arr: Merv Rowley


Our selection this month is an interesting melody with lyrics, written in ¾ time, with a bit of syncopation. It is, of course, a waltz. We always like to give our readers some background about the music and its origins.

Waltzes originated with the classic music of the nineteenth century Viennese composers like Strauss, and became popular worldwide as dance music. Very few had lyrics, however. 


In America, during the early 1900’s, a couple named Vernon and Irene Castle, professional dancers, introduced waltzes and many other dance forms to the American public. Dancing became a national “rage”, as the prudish Victorian Era came to an end here in the U.S.A..


Songwriters in Tin Pan Alley, always on the lookout for new themes for their arrangements, turned attention to waltzes. Thus, If You Were the Only Girl was born. The other trend of syncopated ragtime music was also inserted in this tune in the form of “tuplets”, seen here as groups of three notes, played in the time span for two.


About the music:

The tuplets just mentioned are seen in two places as three-note groups with a numeral “3” written above. Readers can hear how these tuplets are played by listening to the MIDI or TEF sound files. Note also that the arrangement calls for placing a capo at the first fret, not to change the key, but for easier fingering. (If you don’t mind the finger stretches, you can omit the capo and change all the 0’s to 1’s.)

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Download files 


If You Were the Only Girl.pdf


If You Were the Only Girl.tef


If You Were the Only Girl.mid




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