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Archive-In The Shade of The Old Apple Tree 1-3-5 tuning mountain dulcimer tablature arrangement www.mountaindulcimer-1-3-5.co...

“In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree”



Lyrics: Harry Williams

Music: E. Van Alstyne

©Joseph H. Remick & Co., NY 1905


Arranged by Merv Rowley


            This selection is highly sentimental, following the earlier Victorian tradition of slow waltz music. The arrangement here is for the chorus only, a story of true love pledged between two young people. Not seen here, however, are the verses that explain the sad ending and the significance of the apple tree, where the young lady has promised to wait for the return of her lover. (She becomes ill and dies while waiting, having requested her family to bury her under the apple tree in fulfillment of her promise)!


            Unlike the diatonic Victorian ballads, however, this one has numerous chromatic notes (D#, G# and F-natural) used in the melody, plus color chords B, B7 and E7. Notice also the “hesitations” in the rhythm, unlike the traditional 1-2-3, 1-2-3… of waltzes. This shows the influence of ragtime and its syncopation.  This song became an early favorite of barbershop quartet singers, and remains so to this day.


            Van Alstyne wrote many other songs besides this one, including Pretty Baby and Memories.


                                                       Arranged by Merv Rowley

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