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Let's Sail Out on the Deep Blue Sea

(Partons, la mer est belle)










Traditional French/Acadian

DF#A arr: by Merv Rowley, from Marc's DGd dulcimer arrangement

English Lyrics: Marc Mathieu ©2005




This month we are introduced to a very old, well-known piece of French Canadian folk music known as Partons, la mer est belle. It came to our attention as part of a recording by Marc Mathieu and his brother Gilbert, who live in the northern climes of Ontario, Canada. (Marc lives in the town of Hearst, and Gilbert in Thunder Bay.).About two years ago, Marc arranged the music to be played on the mountain dulcimer, accompanied by guitar. To make it understandable to American listeners, Marc translated the French lyrics into English, with a new title, Let’s Sail Out on the Deep Blue Sea. The English version is presented here for your enjoyment as a chorded arrangement in a D-F#-A tuning. Ruth and Merv worked with Marc in searching for historical background information about this song. Marc has kindly assembled a document of these results, which appears as a link below with the whimsical title, Acadia – Of History, Heritage, Harbours and Herring.


In additional to PDF and TEF music files, you will find the usual sound files. For further enjoyment, we have also posted a vocal recording of the French lyrics and a streaming sound file of the instrumental recording by Marc and Gilbert. Those interested in the full lyrics in French will find them as well, linked to a separate PDF file.



Anyone wishing to contact Marc or Gilbert to order a copy of their CD, Homegrown Canadian Tunes, or to discuss festival participation may contact them at:

Marc Mathieu

PO Box 1557

Hearst, Ontario, Canada




Marc is becoming quite well-known and popular in the American dulcimer community. He has taught workshops and performed at August Dulcimer Daze in VT, Mountain Dulcimer Week in Cullowhee, NC, and Dulcimer Day in Duluth in Duluth, MN, as well as in Canada.





Historical information - PDF:  Acadia - of History, Heritage, Harbours and Herring 


Music file - PDF: Let's Sail Out on the Deep Blue Sea


MIDI file: Let's Sail Out on the Deep Blue Sea


TablEdit file - TEF: Let's Sail Out on the Deep Blue Sea


Lyrics in French - PDF:  Partons, la mer est belle - French_lyrics


Vocal by Georges Hamel - (streaming MP3 - click to play): Partons_Hamel 


Instrumental by Marc/Gilbert Mathieu (streaming MP3 - click to play): Partons_Mathieu



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