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Archive-Over the Waves mountain dulcimer arrangement by Ruth Randle offered by the www.mountaindulcimer-1-3-5.com website

"Over the Waves"


Composer Juventino Rosas, 1868-1894
Arranged by
Ruth Randle



 "Sobre las Olas" (Over the Waves) was written by composer Juventino Rosas, 1868-1894. No lyrics were written at the time. Rosas was a Mexican/Otomi Indian, who became a composer, violinist and bandleader. He first published his best known hit, "Sobre las Olas," in 1884, when he was in New Orleans with the popular Mexican band at the World Cotton Centennial World's Fair.

The Frank Coulter Orchestra first played "Over the Waves" in 1927 for ballroom dancing. When Lawrence Welk became a musician, then band leader, it was a favorite 'OOM-PA-PA' piece, played often on the Lawrence Welk TV Show, which ran from 1955-1982.

For the 1951 movie, "The Great Caruso," Mario Lanza wrote lyrics for one verse, "It's the Loveliest Night of the  Year," sung by actress Ann Blyth.


Important: The TablEdit files contain the "playing tips" and description of how to play the accompaniment part in the "NOTES" section. This information can also be found on both either the JPG or PDF files, at the bottom of both pages.

1) Measure 57: Have a 1½ fret? Play the 2nd note (F) on the bass string at 1½. Without a 1½, the F is not available in this tuning, so I "faked" it with a D (0 on the bass string). Another possibility is to "bend" the note. It is difficult to bend a note at the 1st fret because the wire is so tight, but try this: at the point where a 1½ fret would be, use the FRONT of your fingernail to PUSH the string forward; pluck the note. The note is soft, but with a little practice, you may be able to get that F.

2) 1-1-5 is a very long stretch for small hands. You could sometimes play just the 5 on the treble string. 0-1-5 is not a bad substitute. Another possibility is 5-6-5... but 1-1-5 sounds best, by far.

3) Measure 59: Try to emphasize the A on either the melody (0) or
bass string (4); A is the melody note. Have a 1+ fret? Play 1-1½-0 instead.

A second dulcimer part is provided here, using the stacked chord positions shown next to the chord names. Play backup with a "Lawrence Welk-style OOM-PA-PA" strum, as follows: Form the chord. Strum the bass string ONLY, for the first beat, then strum the middle/melody strings TOGETHER TWICE, for the other two beats. Continue in this manner until the next chord change is indicated.

*On page 2 there are two F#m chords. Accompaniment is played there as three separate, arpeggiated notes: 4 bass, 4 middle, 3 melody. There is also an arpeggio at the end, with a final bass string note.

This tablature is available in the following formats:


.TEF TablEdit- both parts (by John Sackenheim)
.TEF TablEdit - Melody
.TEF TablEdit - Accompaniment


Adobe .PDF 

.JPG Format (be sure to set your printer to "fit to page")

Page 1  -  Page 2  


Midi File-Both parts  
Midi File-Melody

Midi File-Accompaniment



  Click to go to the TablEdit website and download their free demo version

If you do not have the Tabledit program, please click on the TablEdit banner to download a free .tef reader program.  It includes the ability to play this song at a slower speed (great for learning). TablEdit is a program for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music (standard notation) for fretted, stringed instruments.

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Adobe® Reader® is a free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.


At this time we will be using the .MIDI music files produced by TablEdit..

















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