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The Rose of Tralee
(ca. 1845)

Words: F. Mordaunt Spencer

Music: Charles W. Glover

Arr: Merv Rowley


            Most collections of Irish music contain The Rose of Tralee, although its origins are somewhat uncertain. Nothing seems to be known of the lyricist, whose name may well be a pseudonym. The composer, Charles Glover (1806-1863) has been identified as an English violinist, songwriter and music director of the Queen’s Theatre in London. Authorities are agreed that the music was first published in London (ca. 1845), although the sheet music from which this arrangement was prepared was published in Boston by  C. Bradlee & Co. (undated, but thought to be 1912).


            Today, it seems that The Rose of Tralee has taken on a life of its own, with a ballad having been written about the “true story” of the song, plus an international festival held annually. Details are listed in the links below.




            Whatever its background may be, this is a truly lovely piece of music that plays beautifully on the dulcimer. Seldom do we find music of the folk variety whose music and lyrics complement each other so perfectly. This may become one of your favorites.


Music files for download:   



PDF file -        Rose_of_Tralee.pdf

TablEdit file - Rose_of_Tralee.tef

MIDI file -       Rose_of_Tralee.MID




Historical Links:






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Composer: George M. Cohan (1878-1942)

Arr: Ruth Randle


            The composer of Harrigan, George M. Cohan, was already a legendary name on Broadway’s Tin Pan Alley by the time he was 26, having produced, directed, and starred in his first stage show. Among his first hit tunes were Give My Regards to Broadway and Yankee Doodle Boy. A few years later, he composed Harrigan for another production titled Fifty Miles From Boston. Cohan was a highly patriotic American, born of Irish parents and proud of his heritage. Both of these facts dominated the themes of much of his music. He claimed to have been born on the Fourth of July. Readers may recall James Cagney’s portrayal of Cohan in the 1942 movie Yankee Doodle Boy.


            Interestingly, the title for Harrigan refers to Edward “Ned” Harrigan (1845-1911) who was also a prominent name in the musical theater during a somewhat earlier era, He and his partners, Tony Hart and David Braham, in 1873, composed The Mulligan Guard, a buoyant march for uniformed, quasi-military groups organized to ridicule corrupt politicians in their neighborhoods. Harrigan was apparently written as a tribute to the memory of the composer of that name. Here we see a statement of Irish pride, deserving of respect.





  Music files for download:  


PDF file -         Harrigan.pdf

TablEdit file -   Harrigan.tef

MIDI file -         Harrigan.mid



Historical links:







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