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Silent Night



Music: Franz Gruber
Lyrics: Josef Mohr

translated by John Freeman Young
Arr: Merv Rowley, 2009

Harmony Arr: Elizabeth DiPietri, 2009 


It was Christmas Eve in Obersdorf, Upper Austria. The year was 1818. Joseph Mohr, assistant priest of the St. Nicholas Church, and Franz Gruber, the organist, were concerned because the organ was broken; probably the mice had been in it again, and eaten important pieces away. A Christmas Eve service with no music would be very strange, to say the least. As they were thinking about how silent the night would be – this holy night when all was calm - Joseph began stringing words and phrases together. Soon he had a poem about the night. He quickly wrote them down and gave them to Franz, begging him to come up with the music.


The gentle melody was not long in coming. Song complete, they went to Hermann, the cobbler, and taught him to play it on his guitar. Then they gave it to the young people who would be singing that night. That Midnight Mass was the debut of the beloved carol, Silent Night, Holy Night.


Several days later, the repairman came to fix the organ. While he was working, he came across the music. Studying it as he worked, by the time he was finished he had it memorized. He hummed and sang it so often that other people began to learn it, and so the carol spread as more and more people learned it. The earliest known manuscript is dated 1833. It was first published in 1840 in a Tyrolean folk song collection.


There are many stories about how this carol came into being. This text combines elements from a couple of those stories. The men involved are the same. And the melody and words have lived on for many years. It has been translated into over 44 languages. It has been recorded by more than 300 artists. During the Christmas truce in 1914, it was sung simultaneously in English and in German by the troops on the battlefield.


This month we are bringing you a dulcimer arrangement in the 135 tuning – a German carol in the key of A. Merv has done a delightful job of arranging it for you, and Elizabeth has written a lovely harmony part, so you can play it as a duet. Merry Christmas to all, from your 1-3-5 team.


Download files:


Silent Night 2 parts.pdf


Silent Night 2 parts.tef


Silent Night 2 parts.mid



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