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The Star-Spangled Banner

Words: Francis Scott Key
Music: Anachreon in Heaven
Arr: Merv Rowley, 2011

Every school child recognizes America's National Anthem, with lyrics by Francis Scott Key. Who was he, and when and where did this happen? It occurred during the night hours of September 13, 1814 during a war between England and the United States of America. Space does not permit the story of why the war began. This is described in the Historical Links below.

America's eastern coast had been blockaded by British warships, Much of the District of Columbia had been burned, and English ships were now surrounding the western edge of Chesapeake Bay , with guns trained upon Fort Mc Henry, which guarded the City of Baltimore, Maryland. Francis Scott Key, an American lawyer, poet and composer had boarded one of the ships to negotiate an exchange of prisoners with the British. While aboard, the British began heavy bombardment of the Fort throughout the hours from sundown until dawn. The fort flew a huge American flag, some fifty feet in length, and displaying 15 stars on its blue field. The flag was so huge (about half the size of a basketball court) that Mary had to use the floor of a nearby brewery just to lay it flat.Today that large flag is owned by the Smithsonian Institute. During the bombardment, not once did the fort move to lower the flag - which received only one hole. Dawn broke with bright sunlight revealing the proud flag, still unfurled.

Throughout the night, Key jotted down a record of what was happening, and by morning, he had finished a poem he called "Defence of Fort Mc Henry." In this poem, he referred to the flag as the "Star-Spangled Banner". This eventually became the song's name. As music, he chose an old British drinking song, called "Anachreon in Heaven".

Thus was born a new national anthem (replacing "Hail Columbia"...but not until many years later (1931) while Herbert Hoover served as our President. The song bespeaks the courage and tenacity of our troops against superior British strength. And, yes, we won the war!

Your 1-3-5 Team


Download files: 

Star-Spangled Banner.pdf

Star-Spangled Banner.MID

Star-Spangled Banner.tef

Historical Links:

States by Order of Entry into Union — Infoplease.com



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