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The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi




Lyrics: B.D. Stokes 

Music: F.D. Vernor 

Arr: Merv Rowley ©2004 


     Only the chorus of this lovely song is given here. It was the one and only composition ever written by two college undergraduates (Albion College, Michigan), as their fraternity song. As the story goes, Byron D. Stokes, Albion class of 1913, wrote the song's lyrics during an afternoon lecture in the spring of 1911. A few hours later, he handed them off to chapter mate F. Dudleigh Vernor, class of 1914, who set them to music while seated at an Albion chapel organ. The song premiered at the chapter's 25th reunion shortly thereafter. From there its melody traveled to other chapters, and then to the world. The song was published by Vernor's father's publishing company located in Albion, Michigan, where the writing pair went to school. Although the aura of the song differs from its original intent - Stokes wrote it not as a moony love letter, but as a paean to what he called "the ideal brotherhood" - the song's melody, its lyrics, its title, all remain linked to the Fraternity's identity.Often called the most beloved and popular of college fraternity songs,this song is still sung all over the world at college fraternities, weddings, and other events.


     The melody and chords require every chromatic note of the scale. It is quite remarkable in that fifteen different kinds of chords are used within 32 measures of music! It fits very comfortably on the 1-3-5 dulcimer fretboard, with no long reaches or awkward leaps. 


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