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You Made Me Love You








Music: James V. Monaco (1888-1945)
Lyrics: Jos. McCarthy 
Arr: Merv Rowley ©2008



Although the team of Monaco and McCarthy wrote several good songs, they never reached the heights of success achieved by many other Tin Pan Alley songwriters. They are best remembered for You Made Me Love You, a syncopated ragtime tune with many “bluesy” chords about the agonies of romantic relations and courtship.  The publisher of this music was Broadway Music Corp, New York, NY (1913) which successfully promoted its popularity and sales by engaging the immortal singer, Al Jolson, of stage and screen fame, to sing  and record the music.  Numerous other popular singers made recordings in later years, including Judy Garland,.who sang a modified version in a movie co-starring Clark Gable.


The lasting popularity of this old song, still in public domain, can be attributed to the fact that its format is a forerunner of what later became “jazz” beginning in the 1920’s. James Monaco was posthumously inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1970.



About the Music:  This month’s arrangement is possibly the most syncopated and chorded piece of music we have offered our readers. It is not especially difficult to play, except for one chord shape (0/1/5) that appears in measures 6 and 22. This is a D(b5), requiring the notes D/G#/F#. Some players having either shorter fingers or longer fretboards find it difficult to reach the first fret with the ring finger and the fifth fret with the thumb at the same time. Such folks include both Elizabeth and Ruth of our 1-3-5 team!  Rather than ignoring this problem, we decided to see if a capo might help. It did!


Readers will find two PDF (and TEF) arrangements listed below (with and without the use of a capo). Both produce the identical music, however some will find the arrangement with a capo at fret 1 easier to play. Notice that the tab designation 7/0/5 (recommended by Elizabeth) allows us to retain a D note in the chord, and the capo makes it unnecessary to make the long finger stretch. This is the second time we have used a capo with 1-3-5 tunings to good advantage. It is an idea that has been overlooked until now. Unlike with other "standard" tunings like DAA or DAd, the use of a capo with 1-3-5 tunings MAY OR MAY NOT change either the key or mode, since we are dealing with a fretboard with a full array of chromatic notes that allows us to change keys or modes at will. In this case, it simply facilitates the chord fingering of the existing tablature arrangement by using the capo as a mechanical finger. 


We feel that our arrangement reproduces the tempo and harmony of this old tune very nicely, and hope all will be encouraged to learn and play it to amaze their dulcimer friends!


Your 1-3-5 Team




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