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It Came Upon the Midnight Clear

Words:  Edmund H. Sears, 1810-1876
Music:  Richard Starrs Willis, 1819-1900
Tuning:  D-F#-A for diatonic dulcimer
Arrangement:  Ruth Randle

The words for this American carol are based on a poem written by Unitarian minister Dr. Edmund Sears in 1849. The following year, inspired by the poem, Richard Storrs Willis, a composer as well as editor and critic for the New York Tribune, wrote a melody called "Carol" to which the words were adapted.


The reason 1-3-5 excels in this song is by offering the use of "color chords" like:
1)  In measure 6, you use a 1/1/3 chord for harmony. That note on the middle string is a G#, available in a D major at that location only with a 1-3-5 tuning. Incidentally, that chord is E/G#/D, an E7.
2)  In measure 18 you use an F# chord...beautiful, but impossible in D major, since it requires the A# on the middle string.
3)  Finally, in measure 23 is another E chord (1/1/1) needing that G#.

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Mountain Dulcimer tablature arrangement by Ruth Randle 10/2003

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