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Love's Old Sweet Song free mountain dulcimer 1-3-5 arrangement available from www.mountaindulcimer-1-3-5.com Arranged by Merv...



Loves Old Sweet Song



Words:  G. C. Bingham
Music:  J. L. Molloy

                                                                                                         Arranged by Merv Rowley


Graham Clifton Bingham (1859-1913) was a professional lyricist from Bristol who penned the words to "Love's Old Sweet Song" in 1882. Bingham was the son of a bookseller and he wrote stories, children's books, and lyrics to over 1600 songs. He claimed to have written "Love's Old Sweet Song" at four in the morning, and composers immediately fought for the right to use them. Molloy won by telegraphing his request. 

James Lyman Molloy (1837-1909) was born in Cornalour, Rahan, Ireland to a wealthy family. He studied in Dublin, Paris and Bonn, but spent most of his life in England. Although he was called to the bar in 1872, he was never a practicing attorney. At the time of his death, it was written that every British home which had a piano had a copy of "Love's Old Sweet Song." The song was said to have the "right combination of melody and sentiment" and was easy enough to become a general favorite.  "Love's Old Sweet Song" was very popular in the 1890s.


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At this time we will be using the .MIDI music files produced by TablEdit..



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