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We will be adding more tablature arrangements regularly... please visit again.


The Holly and the Ivy


Traditional English Carol
Arr: Merv Rowley/Ruth Randle, 2012

This ancient Christmas carol is derived from the Druid population of what has come to be known as England. Other tribes consisted of the Angles, Saxons, Celts and Gauls. The Druids were nature- worshippers, and had no quarrel with the doctrines of Christianity when they arrived centuries later.
This tradition explains the reference to pagan symbols such as holly, mistletoe, ivy, and the Christmas tree itself, as elements of God's creations.

Your 135 Team 



Download files:


Holly and Ivy.mid


Holly and Ivy.pdf


Holly and Ivy.tef


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Away in a Manger


Lyrics: J.E. Clark
Music: Traditional, "St. Kilda"
Philadelphia - 1885
Arr: Merv Rowley/Ruth Randle, 2012


Once again we are offering a bonus arrangement for the Christmas Season. Away in a Manger  is both a children's carol and prayer, and well known (in several versions) around the world. Our selection, we believe, is the initial version, written by a Philadelphia church teacher in a Lutheran Sunday school. This version dispels earlier claims that it was authored by Martin Luther personally.
Rather than recount the history of this lovely carol over the years, including its many variations in lyrics and music accompaniment, we refer our readers to the Historical Link below. It appears that this
simple, compelling carol/prayer has long been evolving and changing. Perhaps this process will continue! 


The children's prayer in "Away in a Manger" reminds us of our focal interest upon the children at Christmas time. Merv recalls the story, known by many, of a young girl once asking her father if Santa Claus really existed. Her reply from a newspaper, which began, "Yes, Virginia", has had a huge impact on America over the ensuing years. As a reminder of this event and its impact, we are attaching a second Historical Link below for your enjoyment... a message to us all.


Best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season with family and friends.

Your 1-3-5 Team


Download files:


Away in a Manger.mid


Away in a Manger.pdf


Away in a Manger.tef


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painting: Adoration of the Shepherds by Gerard van Honthorst - 1622


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